2021-12-08 15:18:47

2021-12-08 15:18:47

A Screen Protector that actually protects your phone

I am a very clumsy person. There you go, I said it, I have admitted it, and I tend to break many things very quickly. The amount of phone protectors and earbuds I've broken is surprisingly impressive in a weird way. My family thinks I should buy items made of metal because, clearly, typical products don't work for me. I drop my phone anywhere and everywhere, and though my phone somehow still works, my screen protector completely shatters. Now, I'm not entirely complaining because, hey, at least my phone is saved but, I'm just so tired of buying screen protectors. I've tried different companies, shops, prices, and types, but none of them seem to work. I watched all sorts of youtube videos of people promoting various screen protectors, and I tried some of them, but it was costing me a little more than I was comfortable paying for. Fortunately, near my home, a new gadget shop opened up, and I searched it up to see what this shop has to offer. I was glad to see the variety of protectors available and at such feasible prices. I decided to visit the shop myself since it was within walking distance, and I also wanted to check the quality of the protector in person because I didn't want to waste more money. I was delighted with the shop's environment, and the owner was very helpful and cooperative too. He showed me the different types of protectors and stated which one would work best for me. Apparently, there are quite a few clumsy people like me, so he wasn't very surprised to hear my case. I ended up buying more protectors than I'd plan on getting, but I genuinely thought these might be it! I tried the protector on right there at the shop, and the owner installed it for me. It was a relief to see no bubbles appeared on the screen because I absolutely don't like bubbles on my screen. Another thing I observed right after installing this protector was that screen worked just as smoothly as it did without the protector. I'm not sure if that's a problem others can relate to with their protectors, but I've had to deal with it before, which was very infuriating. It has been over a month since I've been using this protector, which is still not too long, but I did drop my phone twice already, and both the protector and the phone are perfectly fine! So for me, that is a great accomplishment already, and I am very pleased with this whole experience. So if any clumsy person is looking for a good quality protector or any other product for that matter, TMGadgets is your way to go!

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  • Juliet Reply

    Amazing customer service and even applied my screen protector
    When you are around Scarborough be sure to drop by

    March 13, 2022 at 6:17 pm
    • admin Reply

      Thanks for Shopping with us.

      June 22, 2022 at 8:25 pm

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