A Great Quality Clear Case:

A Great Quality Clear Case:

I’m all about collecting phone cases. I’m the type who changes phone cases every day according to the colour of her outfit. I know it’s not the best habit to have-this has cost me quite some money, but well, I can’t help it anymore. So, I always look around for the reasonably priced cases I can find that aren’t of terrible quality. Unfortunately, you’d be surprised by the level of poor-quality products that exist out there. Recently, I’ve got this interest in clear cases, but whatever case I find, it’s either too thin or it gets yellow too soon.

I bought one expensive clear case online, and it lasted me a week before it started getting yellow. To be fair, I am a rough user, but I knew there had to be a better quality clear case. It took me a bit, but I came across TMGadgets. Now, I had very little hope because the shop had just opened up, so I wasn’t too confident with the quality of the products. However, I tried too many shops, so I decided to give this one a shot too. I went to their website first and saw a variety of clear cases. I didn’t expect them to have all these models because they just opened up, but I definitely got more into this shop, and I figured ordering a few wouldn’t do much harm, so I did it! The delivery came on time, and I remember tearing the package open. I bought three different models, all of different prices because they were all very reasonably priced, so I decided to buy different ones to see the quality of these products.

I’m not going to lie, they all seemed of very good quality-that was my first impression, but then, considering how rough of a user I am, I couldn’t make a fair judgement just yet. To my surprise, I used all three cases for about a month, and none got yellow-not even a bit. I searched up the location of their shop and decided to visit it came in the way of my favourite restaurant so I thought might as well see their place.

I got there and ended up buying more cases! There were various cases available, from clear cases to silicon to wallet cases, like I said A LOT and in multiple colours too, which was excellent news for me. The owner was very cooperative too, and he gave me a discount on the already reasonably priced items because I was buying them in bulk. Overall, it’s definitely a steal for anyone looking for a variety of excellent quality products at low prices! 


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